History, Vision, and Goals

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For nearly a century, the New England Journal of Medicine has featured "Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital" as an ever-present educational standard for health care providers worldwide. And for 200 years the Ether Dome, the original Mass General teaching amphitheater widely regarded as the birthplace of modern surgery, has long stood as an ongoing reminder of our joint education and patient care missions.

Building on a remarkable legacy of teaching and learning in the health professions, The Peter L. Slavin, MD, Academy for Applied Learning in Health Care at Mass General was founded to serve as inclusive “faculty home” for teachers and educators across the health professions. Part of a bold new plan to "Re-Imagine the Ether Dome" into the 21st century, the Academy serves as an organizational hub for the educational mission of the institution, and as a collaborative resource for our affiliated community of learning.

Honoring Dr. Slavin's nearly two decades of leadership as hospital president (2003-2021), the Mass General Slavin Academy embodies his longstanding commitment to advancing educational infrastructure, resources, and vision to enhance the care we provide, the discoveries we make, and the communities we serve.

Foundations of the Mass General Slavin Academy

MGH Education Strategic Planning (a multi-year institutional consensus process)

  • Develop new models for education that prepare future clinicians to offer high quality and efficient, team-based care. Developing a core group of clinician educators is key to this strategy.
  • Focus on education across all career stages and disciplines by piloting and expanding new models of practice, continuing education, and inter-professional education.
  • Enhance organizational structure to represent and support the education mission across campus.

Education Goals and Priorities (overseen by the Executive Committee for Teaching and Education)

  • Evaluate Educational Effectiveness: Increase education outcomes research and publication
  • Invigorate Educators: Develop the community, skill set and careers of MGH clinician educators
  • Transform the Learner Experience: Expand innovative approaches to customized, deliberate and interprofessional educational experiences
  • Sustain Educational Impact: Strengthen external partnerships, alumni relationships, philanthropy, and financial support for education
  • Promote Educational Mission: Bolster MGH education leadership and educate internal and external audiences about value of the “teaching hospital”

Better Education = Healthcare

* Cultivate routine training and reflective practice as a fundamental value of the organization * Prioritize educational initiatives that enhance inter-professional team-based care to improve quality and safety, enhance operational efficiency, and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion * Increase adherence to evidence-based care protocols and pathways * Support training to meet individual clinical and institutional practice requirements *