Organizational Overview

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The Peter L. Slavin, MD Academy for Applied Learning in Health Care at Massachusetts General Hospital is organized into four interprofessional committees designed to convene the full spectrum of teaching and learning communities across campus.

Committee co-chairs will work in collaboration with the hospital's Executive Committee on Teaching and Education (ECOTE) in support of the MGH Education Strategic Plan. Each committee is convened to represent a broad community of institutional stakeholders, and foster connections across committee domains.

Academy Oversight & Operations

Education Scholarship Committee

  • Focus: Educational Science
  • Strategic Goal: Increase education outcomes research and analytics
  • Long-Term Vision: An interprofessional Research Unit dedicated to scholarship in the learning sciences.
  • Co-Chairs: Emil Petrusa, PhD
  • Project Manager: Mike Healy, EdD (

Teaching & Training Committee

  • Focus: Clinical Educators and Learners
  • Strategic Goal: Develop the community, skillset, and careers of MGH clinician educators
  • Long-Term Vision: An interprofessional Teaching Unit dedicated to high-impact teaching and learning.
  • Co-Chairs: Alberto Puig, MD, PhD
  • Project Manager: Lisa Neville (

Learning Innovation Committee

  • Focus: Quality/Safety, Team Care, Educational Technology
  • Strategic Goal: Expand approaches to customized, deliberate, and collaborative educational experiences
  • Long-term Vision: An interprofessional Innovation Unit dedicated to system-wide training for clinical excellence (including development of the Lunder Learning Hospital)
  • Co-Chairs: Brian French, RN, PhD & James Gordon, MD, MPA
  • Project Manager: Gabriella Hakim, MBA (

Education Resources & Community Affairs Committee

  • Focus: Infrastructure and Outreach
  • Strategic Goal: Building resources and community to support educational impact and reach
  • Long-Term Vision: Build internal-external stakeholder engagement, support models, and communication/dissemination platforms
  • Co-chairs: John Herman, MD & Labrini Nelligan, MS
  • Project Manager: Samantha Nock (

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